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Grand Opening

Join us for the grand opening of our Winter Park location on March 6th! Enjoy an entree on us and sample one of our fast, fresh Italian piadinas, pasta bowls, or salads! We’ll see you there!

Offer good on March 6, 2013. Only one entrée per person. Valid only at the following location: 276 South Orlando Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789.  Must be present.

Win free Italio for a year!
We’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. On Friday, October 19th, between noon and 2, join Virginia and Jason from Wild 95.5 at Italio for a chance to win fast, fresh and FREE food for an entire year!
Five lucky winners will receive grilled steak piadinas and crispy chicken pasta bowls for a year, as well as other great giveaways. No purchase is necessary.  Entry forms will be provided on the day of the event.

Piadina? Never heard of one…
We know what you’re thinking: “Salad bowl, pretty straightforward. Pasta bowl, I get that. Piadina, what’s that?”
Not many people know what a piadina is — or have ever tried one before. A brief look at its history shows us that the piadina has been around for a while — since 1371 to be exact. It was typically prepared in the northern region of Italy called Romagna. (Fun fact: the piadina was considered an “ancient” form of flatbread.) Since the Romagna people were deeply rooted in the agricultural life and land farming, many farmers ate piadinas instead of bread during the hard times of famine. Typically, a piadina was eaten alone or filled with a variety of meats and considered “street food” to the locals. Depending on the region, some piadinas were generally thicker while others were thinner and greater in diameter.
Here at Italio, our piadina is a thin, authentic Italian wrap, made with traditional or whole-grain flour. Like our other dishes, you can completely customize your piadina, choosing from any of our delicious and fresh entrées, such as balsamic-herb marinated sirloin steak, or succulent, grilled shrimp and sauces including basil pomodoro and our roasted red pepper pesto, and toppings ranging from house-made olive tapenade and fresh arugula to finishing with award-winning Montamore cheese. At Italio, we encourage you to create a combination that is uniquely yours.
To learn more about all of our menu offerings, visit our menu page then stop in to try your hand at creating a perfect Italian masterpiece.
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